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Partnering with QPS will add to your overall strategy of applying the most effective fraud prevention methodologies to help your organization gain efficiencies and safeguard brand value. QPS partners with merchants and financial institutions, giving them the added benefit of enhanced ROI and reduced exposure to fraud.

Leverage QPS’s comprehensive partnership program in the payments & fraud space that will help your business delivering guaranteed accomplishing results.

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Looking To Diversify Your Turnover Portfolio?
QPS partnership remarkably transforms how merchants review losses and prevent fraudulent chargeback. The amalgamation of real-time machine learning and human eye intervention gives merchants advanced platforms of driving new revenue streams and allow them to be laser-focused on driving enhanced sales.

  Financial Institutions

Provide Your Financial Institution a Fraud-Free Run
QPS join forces with financial institutions globally, offering unmatched consumer experience and top-notch fraud prevention and detection solutions. QPS address the unique needs of the organizations by solving critical challenges of authenticating digital identities and interpreting every transaction in real time.

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"Our use of QPS's allowed us to seamlessly and effectively extend our existing staff into after hours, weekend and holiday coverage to match the never ending efforts of the fraudsters. Their collaborative approach to partnering with Bethpage and our combined laser focus on transaction monito ring has resulted in quite significant confirmed fraud saves and a higher level of member service."

Robert Hoppenstedt

"Our partnership with QPS has helped us with a robust round the clock transaction monitoring framework inclusive of rule efficacy and a structured fraud fighting approach."

Shanta Sewnarain
Asst. Vice President - Operations and Risk, Bethpage Federal Credit Union

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