Reduce Your Exposure to Fraud With Comprehensive Verification Solution

E-commerce merchants are expected to face more chargeback and card not present (CNP) fraud on the basis of rising E-commerce sales, which is predicted to increase at 10% compounded annual growth over the next five years. As a result of this rapidly growing shift in consumer behavior, CNP fraud and chargeback prevention are becoming more expensive and difficult than ever for merchants.

Advanced Technology for Precise Results

In the ever evolving payments ecosystem, merchants require adopting advanced technology for analyzing disparities between IP addresses, time zones, and geo-location with relation to changed user behavior and modern fraud trends. A comprehensive verification structure and advanced authentication mechanism have been playing an important role in CNP fraud prevention and controlling chargeback.

QPS aims to benefit merchants with comprehensive verification of data sets using a mix of machine intelligence and human intervention. Fraud prevention analysts are available 24*7 for isolating fraudulent activities and thus taking away the requirement of any additional verification. It has been designed to save unnecessary costs to the merchants and generate larger profits that are otherwise spent on the costs incurred for multiple verifications.

Beat Fraud With The Next Generation Real-Time Identity Verification Mechanism

Key Features:

  • Deep analysis to drive quick, objective and confident decisions related to consumer’s identity
  • Brings in use advanced analytics and record-linking technology for providing highly robust, precise and real-time results
  • Analysts measure the importance of “in wallet” data elements by cross-evaluating consumer information using billions of unique records channelized through both internal and public sources
  • A comprehensive verification index gets generated on the basis of a calculation of the match rate of Name-Address-SSNs and Name-Address-Phone
  • Authenticates consumer identity by using Name, Address, SSN, DoB and other vital data elements including the important Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) check for the US Patriot Act compliance

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"Our use of QPS's allowed us to seamlessly and effectively extend our existing staff into after hours, weekend and holiday coverage to match the never ending efforts of the fraudsters. Their collaborative approach to partnering with Bethpage and our combined laser focus on transaction monito ring has resulted in quite significant confirmed fraud saves and a higher level of member service."

Robert Hoppenstedt

"Our partnership with QPS has helped us with a robust round the clock transaction monitoring framework inclusive of rule efficacy and a structured fraud fighting approach."

Shanta Sewnarain
Asst. Vice President - Operations and Risk, Bethpage Federal Credit Union

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