Human Eye Intervention – An Integral Player In Real Time Decision Making

According to experts now the time has come when businesses need to evolve their fraud detection strategies to combat fraudsters. Accurate decision making analytics and approach has become mandatory today to manage false positives reduce fraud losses for the merchants.

The meaning of accuracy doesn’t extend to reject genuine customers only because of the fact that the transaction shows a few risky characteristics. This practice is counterproductive and will make a dent into the revenue stream. It is turning out to be a significant challenge for conventional fraud prevention approach.

Human Eye Intervention Stands For Efficient Fraud Detection

Human Intervention in conjunction with Machine Learning is the most innovative approach to combat fraud. The synergy produced by the human and artificial intelligence helps in making right business decisions averting fraud and scams. In the modern context, accurate fraud prevention not only refers to lower chargeback instead it is about growing revenue for the merchant from all aspects. Therefore, the human eye intervention plays a pivotal role in fraud detection and prevention by optimizing every key metric and generating constant business growth.

QPS is uniquely positioned with its niche experience of providing CNP fraud and chargeback prevention services using human eye intervention for more than a decade. The fraud detection system layered with human eye transaction review has been delicately designed to be extremely detailed to catch new fraudster trends and technics. The power of human intervention and machine learning ensures that the transactions are always protected against modern fraud threats.

100% Anomaly Detection With Advanced Big Data Analytics

Fraud prevention analysts at QPS available 24*7 ensure 100% anomaly detection by using Big Data analytics and advanced methods of authentication. Analysts keep themselves abreast of emerging fraud trends happening in the web world of cyber criminals helping them to easily identify and combat fraud.

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"Our use of QPS's allowed us to seamlessly and effectively extend our existing staff into after hours, weekend and holiday coverage to match the never ending efforts of the fraudsters. Their collaborative approach to partnering with Bethpage and our combined laser focus on transaction monito ring has resulted in quite significant confirmed fraud saves and a higher level of member service."

Robert Hoppenstedt

"Our partnership with QPS has helped us with a robust round the clock transaction monitoring framework inclusive of rule efficacy and a structured fraud fighting approach."

Shanta Sewnarain
Asst. Vice President - Operations and Risk, Bethpage Federal Credit Union

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