SDACH Processing

Same Day ACH Payment Processing Solution

Businesses globally are facing steadily rising chargeback, expected to reach beyond $31 Billion by 2020, paving way for ACH/ Same Day ACH (SDACH) transactions. 5.6 Billion of ACH credit transactions processed in Q3 of 2018 explicitly shows that it is increasingly accepted as a preferred payment channel, surpassing credit/debit transactions.

QPS assures businesses grow with its faster, secure and cost-efficient payment processing solutions, ensuring sustainable growth & wholesome bottom line.

Key Features & Benefits

Advance API

Single API model driving faster disbursement and payment experience routing from any bank account in real-time

Enhanced Convenience

Helps you move away from complex card payments and use a secure and faster payment option

Payment Widgets

Widgets for quick mobile payment facility without using separate payment page

Enjoy Profitable Payments

Save on multiple adjoining payment processing fees associated with card payments


Multi-level KYC verifications and due diligence to ensure that you do business with the right customers

Balancing Risk & User Experience

Robust security controls to help secure and protect sensitive data from reaching to unauthorized parties

Securing Your Business With Sophisticated Fraud Prevention Approach

  • 24x7 protection with manual review including weekends, holidays & post work hours
  • End-to-End fraud prevention mechanism
  • Staff & System Augmentation for effective transaction monitoring
  • Machine Learning + Human Intelligence for accurate fraud detection
  • Real-time Decision Capability, preventing fraud before the money goes out the door
  • Smarter Fraud Detection approach enabled with predictive analytics & Big Data

how can we help you?

"Our use of QPS's allowed us to seamlessly and effectively extend our existing staff into after hours, weekend and holiday coverage to match the never ending efforts of the fraudsters. Their collaborative approach to partnering with Bethpage and our combined laser focus on transaction monito ring has resulted in quite significant confirmed fraud saves and a higher level of member service."

Robert Hoppenstedt

"Our partnership with QPS has helped us with a robust round the clock transaction monitoring framework inclusive of rule efficacy and a structured fraud fighting approach."

Shanta Sewnarain
Asst. Vice President - Operations and Risk, Bethpage Federal Credit Union

Looking for a fraud prevention solution to secure transactions?