About QPS

QPS provides fraud prevention services enabled by an ideal blend of technology solutions and human intelligence that works as a synergized methodology to secure transactions.

QPS Fraud Solutions:

QPS offers an integrated suite of fraud detection and prevention services making it a global destination for businesses to drive down payments fraud.

Transaction Monitoring and Chargeback Management:

QPS provides financial institutions as well as merchants (e-commerce and traditional), access to seasoned fraud analysts that serve as an extension of their fraud prevention department. QPS offers 24/7/365 days support - especially beneficial during evenings, weekends and holidays. The services are technology adaptable and cover the following retail channel transactions:

  • Cards (credit, debit and prepaid)
  • Card-not-present
  • Check, ACH and AML
  • Checks
  • ACH & Wire
  • ATM
  • Mobile and Online Payments

QPS complements its client’s current fraud management systems, platform and work flow by adding a layer of human intelligence and providing support for after hours, weekends and holidays.

In addition to the Transaction monitoring services provided by QPS, we have a robust solution for Dispute Management/Charge-backs.

Big Data and Advanced Analytics Services:

QPS’s Big Data Analytics offerings incorporate suitable openly available external data from social networks, forums, blogs – the internet of things - along with all available internal data – both structured and unstructured, to deliver analytical decision support insights unattainable with regular internal data analysis.

QPS Analysts:

  • Provide dynamic rules management
  • Analyze the performance data and provide ‘real time’ insights into latest fraud trends
  • Analyze sophisticated portfolio trends and merchant behavior
  • Provide support in updating rules and fraud scorecard / model building
  • Work as a twin engine – strong operations with expert analytical support

QPS currently supports

  • Multiple financial institutions in the United States (FIs include – Fortune 10 Banks, Credit Unions and Community Banks)
  • Several banks outside North America for providing business analytics and risk and fraud management

About QPS

QPS is a global services company with over 3,300 associates around the globe offering business and knowledge processing services to over 80 enterprises, 15,000+ SMB & SOHO customers and 1,000,000 retail customers, seeking higher operational effectiveness, greater flexibility and lower operating costs. For over 6 years, companies have been relying on us to leverage the benefits of globalization and gain a competitive advantage. Our leadership team has deep domain expertise in card payments, analytics and fraud management having previously served in leadership roles with leading financial institutions across the world.

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