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QPS and SurveilLens, Inc. Announce a Strategic Partnership to Offer Behavioral Analytics and Technology Solutions for Risk Monitoring and Compliance

Strategic Partnership Formed to Provide Cutting Edge Technology to Financial Institutions

GURGAON, India, August 3, 2017: - QPS, a registered U.S. business unit of QPS, and SurveilLens, Inc. ('SurveilLens'), a New York-based technology company, have announced a new strategic partnership combining QPS's suite of fraud detection and prevention expertise with SurveilLens' cloud-based Big Data solution. The combined offering creates an optimal blend of cutting edge technology and human intelligence to deliver deep insights and optimize return on investments for financial institutions.

This multi-dimensional partnership brings together enterprise risk management (ERM) and anti-money laundering (AML) monitoring services underpinning QPS and SurveilLens core services and allows both companies to expand their offerings by integrating concepts of internal control and strategic planning with evolved machine learning capabilities, thus enhancing customer experience. All this is made possible via dynamic cloud network supported by highly reliable behavioral analytics, advanced algorithms and dynamic rule management designed to meet the highest security standards.

The banking industry is going through a multitude of changes and evolution with ever increasing compliance and regulatory mandates, incremental incidents of financial crime and growing threats of cross border transactions. These and many more factors combined together have amplified the need to have a robust and effective end-to-end enterprise risk management model.

Sriram Natarajan, COO, QPS commented on the partnership, "As we embark on a new era of enterprise risk management services, working with SurveilLens, a market leader in business analytics, Big Data and their technology solution, will help us collectively deliver a complete ERM framework and advanced AML monitoring services like Know Your Customer (KYC), Customer Information Program (CIP) and Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) for financial institutions. The real-time insights into risk management programs offered through powerful analytics will ensure propelling business growth."

QPS and SurveilLens evolve their solution around Big Data and next generation analytics to devise anti-fraud compliance programs and futuristic solutions to reduce frontline risks, maximize revenue and attain competitive advantage. This will drive the discovery of highly agile and analytical insights into the broad spectrum of risks faced by financial institutions. The partnership will also lay emphasis on a framework for communicating around governance and compliance issues.

Vijay Sampath, CEO of SurveilLens commented, "We are very pleased to form a strategic partnership with QPS. By combining QPS's expertise in fraud detection and prevention with our Big Data platform capabilities, we are uniquely positioned to create tremendous opportunities for clients."

About QPS Processing Inc.

QPS is a leading FinTech services provider to Financial Institutions, Prepaid Issuers, Wallet Companies, Merchants and Payment Gateways worldwide. QPS offerings for financial institutions help fulfill the ever changing customer needs while mitigating the threats, balancing false positives with urgency and timeliness that the marketplace demands without any significant upfront investments in technology and infrastructure.

About SurveilLens:
SurveilLens is a single technology solution provider for enterprise risk monitoring and anti-fraud compliance. Utilizing Big Data methods, data science and machine learning capabilities, SurveilLens secures and manages multi-system data for enterprise companies. SurveilLens has use cases in various industries.

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