QPS Teams Up With Cash Flow Solutions to Enable ACH Payments

QPS Teams Up With Cash Flow Solutions to Enable ACH Payments

ATLANTA, October 8, 2018: - Quatrro Processing Services (QPS), a leading payment service provider, is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Cash Flow Solutions (Cash Flow), a payments Fintech that provides API technology to send and receive money from any U.S. bank account.

QPS is 'following the frog' to reduce merchant reliance on expensive card payments while creating consumer-friendly payment experiences and improved liquidity. Together, the companies offer a combined 41 years of expertise in high volume payment processing and fraud prevention.

"QPS is proud to partner with Cash Flow to facilitate safe and fast processing of direct bank payments," said Sriram Natarajan, President & COO, QPS. "Same Day ACH has recently taken center stage in payment processing with faster settlement, transparency, and ubiquity as digital payment channels expand and everyone is looking for a cost effective alternative. By combining Cash Flow's technology with our payments platform, we can offer alternative payment methods to help SMEs and businesses meet the demands of today's market."

With Same Day ACH (SD ACH) transactions increasing daily, QPS is leveraging Cash Flow's Payment API to authorize, transact, and process digital payments from a bank account. Shawn Princell, President of Cash Flow, remarked, "The U.S. has recently transitioned from 40 years of next-day processing to same-day settlement and Real-Time Payments which operate 365/24/7. Combining these new settlement capabilities with instant authorization and fraud prevention, we can finally offer an online payment experience that rivals, and often surpasses, card payments. We're excited to deliver our technology through the QPS platform allowing merchants to stop paying expensive card fees and start providing more value to their customers."

With 70% of noncash payments already originating from a bank account, Cash Flow's API is built to instantly authorize and transfer funds from one account to another. QPS and Cash Flow, working together, conveniently manage time-sensitive transfers and improve a business' ability to effectively manage credit risks. The ever-evolving technology adopted by QPS and Cash Flow will ensure that clients are future-proofed to embrace new payment mechanisms. Businesses will have access to faster disbursements with SD ACH and technology-enabled solutions built for online, mobile, and POS transactions.

The alliance of QPS and Cash Flow creates the first full suite of payment solutions built to lower transactions fees and authorize users in real-time. Ankit Maharaj Singh, Director, QPS reinforced, "Businesses across North America today need faster and more secure payments. Same Day ACH saw 40 million transactions last quarter alone, a 243 % increase compared to the same time last year. Our partnership with Cash Flow allows QPS clients to take advantage of faster money movement and participate in this payments revolution." The consortium of payment technology from QPS and Cash Flow will be available through a QPS payment gateway and integrated shopping carts, including Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop, and WooCommerce.

About QPS

QPS is a leading payment processing and FinTech services provider serving a diverse and dynamic client base of global financial institutions and technology partners. QPS' suite of services includes End-to-End (e2e) technology and services solutions, including fraud prevention services and payment gateway solutions. These services are supported with cutting edge technology, data sciences, and behavioral analytics, clubbed with a combination of artificial and human intelligence for financial institutions and merchants.

About Cash Flow Solutions

Since 1998, Cash Flow Solutions has empowered companies to securely transact from consumer and business bank accounts. Our company's white-labeled technology delivers "Payment Experience Routing" by combining multiple payment mechanisms into a single user interface. Instantly authorize direct bank transfers with various settlement options, including ACH, Zelle, and Real-time Payment networks. Follow the frog by linking our technology to any mobile app or software platform to offer a unified payment experience. https://www.FollowtheFrog.com

To know more about QPS, please visit https://www.qpsinternational.com.

Media Contacts

Ankit Maharaj Singh
Quatrro Processing Services Inc.
Email: ankit.maharaj@quatrro.com
Phone: +1-262-671-2928

Shawn Princell
Cash Flow Solutions, Inc.
Phone: +1-513-867-7050

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