PayCertify Partners with Quatrro to Release Cutting Edge Card Issuing Platform INCENTAPAY

PayCertify Partners with Quatrro to Release Cutting Edge Card Issuing Platform INCENTAPAY

INCENTAPAY will be Available to Customers of PayCertify Beginning in July 2018 

LOS ANGELES, CA, July 9, 2018: - The founders of PayCertify are pleased to announce that they are teaming up with QPS (Quatrro Processing Services Inc.) to release a revolutionary, completely customizable virtual credit card issuing platform for merchants. Called INCENTAPAY, it will be available to PayCertify's customers starting July, 2018.

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As a company spokesperson noted, the collaboration means INCENTAPAY will be the first product of its kind to hit the market. Besides the customizable issuing platform, it will have an extensive and unrivalled list of backend analytics available to card issuers, including a fee rebate program that can save large merchants millions in annual processing costs.

"INCENTAPAY will be ideal for large ecommerce that have customers who may be either budgeting to pay for a high ticket product online, or are looking for an incentive or subsidy on their purchase, and offer those customers a reward to take advantage of an immediate offer at the point of sale," the spokesperson noted, adding that INCENTAPAY will also be ideal for travel and hospitality merchants who normally would rely on a bank to issue a credit card and then have issuers send the customers a card in the mail for them to use at a later date.

"Now, merchants will be able to work with issuers, to be able to immediately issue a virtual credit card to their customer that is ready to be immediately used, and the issuing card will be made immediately available as the payment source of choice in the customer's mobile wallet."

The virtual credit card issued will be the payment method of choice on the cardholder's phone, instantly making the issuer the most accessible and prominent payment option for that customer, ready for instant use. The customer's virtual card will be able to create and carry a balance and continue to be usable before the physical card is ever even shipped to them, the spokesperson noted.

"This latest launch is one of the many initiatives taken by QPS to come out with innovative services in the payments space that is relevant and tremendous value addition to customers and partners," QPS President, Sriram Natarajan said.

This is a revolutionary way for issuers to acquire customers, as well as be able to offer immediate cash rebates, and market through PayCertify's and their partners' mobile subscriber channels, giving merchants targetable access to more than 100 million mobile subscribers.

The ability to leverage other merchants, as well as there being no cost to create the virtual cards, or the need to manufacture the card, are just some of the additional benefits, the spokesperson noted.

Merchants will also be able to easily offer branded cards and incentives, like immediate points or cash rebates, that customers can use instantly as an incentive to purchase. All this is done through the digital wallet on a customer's smartphone.

INCENTAPAY will be available to all users of PayCertify's merchant processing and fraud prevention ecosystem beginning in July 2018.

About PayCertify:

PayCertify helps merchants to process "card not present" transactions. They are known worldwide for their outstanding services and solutions for ecommerce merchants, travel merchants, high risk merchant processing, and retail merchants. PayCertify's CEO Chase Harmer has been seen on Yahoo Finance, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX News, NASDAQ and Forbes.

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About QPS

Quatrro Processing Services is a leading payment processing and FinTech services provider serving a diverse and dynamic client base of global financial institutions and technology partners. QPS's President Sriram Natarajan leads a core team of seasoned experts experienced in bridging the gap between finance and technology, delivering some of the most intelligent anti-fraud strategies, and enabling their customers to achieve minimal member disruption and maximum ROI.

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