Ganesh Viswanathan, Sr. VP – CISO & CPO

Ganesh Viswanathan, Sr. VP – CISO & CPO, Quatrro Wins the Champion CISO Award 2018

The 2018 Dynamic CISO Summit has recently appreciated and recognized Ganesh Viswanathan, Sr. VP – CISO & CPO as a CISO Champion for his significant contribution towards implementing security tools and processes around detect and recover aspect of information/cyber security.

April 8, 2018: - Hosted at the Westin Garden City, Mumbai, the award recognizes emerging innovators and leaders in the information security domain. As a keynote speaker at the event, Ganesh Viswanathan shared his perspective on cyber security vulnerabilities and how to ensure outsourcing security.

While management of Security cannot be outsourced in toto, some aspects of cyber security operations can be outsourced after a detailed Risk Assessment. For effective cyber security outsourcing in the Fintech space, strong checks and balances have to be built. However, responding to threat vector or recovering from a security incident requires a different skill set and a comprehensive understanding of the infosec ecosystem and this cannot be outsourced. Highlighting the outsourcing challenges, Ganesh observed that security functions involving Personally Identifiable Information (PII) shouldn’t be outsourced.

Ganesh Viswanathan shared his immaculate viewpoints focusing on the importance of outsourcing of cyber security, “We are committed to making the payment industry safe worldwide, enabling businesses to securely transact anywhere and anytime. There are certain aspects of security like Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration testing (VAPT), Red team exercises, Firewall management and Security information & event management( SIEM) for identifying and detecting threats that require skilled resources or monitoring surveillance cameras 24 x 7 that can be outsourced.”

As per Ganesh, while there is an alarming increase in number of cyber-attacks, the volatility, unpredictability, complexity & severity of attacks from various threat vectors are also going up posing a major challenge to security practitioners. We need to focus on the weakest links in our supply chain to bolster security. The focus of the CISO’s should move from Protect and Prevent to Detect and Respond to keep the hackers at bay

Digital transformation is an ongoing journey. As new technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence and hyper-convergence offer modern ways for doing business, the CISO is uniquely positioned to deliver game-changing leadership and steer the enterprise into the next era of digital business.

Congratulations to Ganesh Viswanathan! Winning the CISO Summit and Excellence Awards exemplifies his commitment to path breaking achievements on Information Security Governance.

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