DCI and QPS Join Forces to Expand Fraud Prevention Services for Community Banks

DCI and QPS Join Forces to Expand Fraud Prevention Services for Community Banks

ATLANTA, October 26, 2018: - Data Center Inc. (DCI), the privately-owned developer of leading banking software and related technologies for community banks nationwide, has launched a pilot program with Quatrro Processing Services (QPS), a leading payment solution and fraud prevention services provider, to integrate QPS solutions for comprehensive cross-channel fraud prevention with the DCI flagship iCore360® core banking software.

The QPS solutions are designed to help community banks of all asset sizes combat fraud and build more profitable customer relationships using advanced tools for fraud monitoring, rule modification and false positive management with functionality focused on productivity and agility across all portfolios.

John Jones, DCI president and CEO said, "The advanced architecture and user advantages of iCore360 are a great fit for the advanced algorithm and industry expertise of QPS to further help community banks fight fraud while boosting revenue and customer satisfaction in a streamlined workflow."

"QPS has been at the forefront of developing innovative cross-channel fraud prevention solutions, providing banks with the robust round the clock transaction monitoring framework and structured fraud fighting approach. QPS' end-to-end fraud detection and prevention solution will now allow DCI community banks to ensure minimal customer disruption with robust anomaly detection," said Sriram Natarajan, President & COO, QPS.

Card fraud continues to be an alarming concern for banks and is projected to hit $31 Billion by 2020. Moreover, 500 Million checks getting forged annually in the U.S. alone. To address this escalating fraud challenge, banks need to reduce fraud exposure by narrowing the window of opportunity for attacks. Using QPS' sophisticated transaction analysis algorithms and real-time fraud detection solutions, DCI will benefit banks by effectively minimizing fraudulent activities across portfolios like debit/credit card, checks and same day ACH.

QPS embraces multi-layered risk monitoring approach that continually adapts to changes in the threat landscape. This includes a seamless integration and coordination of human and machine intelligence via QPS and RiskNet technology by The ai Corporation. "It is our goal to provide DCI's community banks with the most robust and innovative fraud detection service to combat fraud, manage false positives and protect their customers," said Roman Nazarewycz, Senior Vice President, QPS.

About QPS

QPS is a leading integrated payment processing services provider serving a diverse and dynamic client base of global financial institutions and technology partners. QPS' suite of services includes End to End (e2e) technology and services solutions including fraud prevention services, payment gateway solutions, supported with cutting edge technology, data sciences and behavioral analytics, clubbed with a combination of artificial and human intelligence for financial institutions and merchants.

About DCI

DCI is the developer of the award-winning iCore360® core banking software and related technologies for community banks nationwide. DCI is privately owned by a group of bank clients, with several clients serving as board members and user group leaders. In addition to iCore360, DCI offers integrated solutions for Internet and mobile banking, private ATM network and card management, teller automation, remote capture, custom analysis, risk/vendor management, managed IT and more. Among other awards, DCI has been named a FinTech Rankings Top 100 technology provider by IDC Financial Insights, a FinTech ForwardTop 100 technology provider by American Banker and BAI, a multiple winner of the BankNews Innovative Solutions Award and the exclusive core processing company endorsed by the Western Bankers Association. For more information about DCI visit www.datacenterinc.com or contact info@datacenterinc.com.

To know more about QPS, please visit https://www.qpsinternational.com.

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"Our use of QPS's Managed Services allowed us to seamlessly and effectively extend our existing staff into after hours, weekend and holiday coverage to match the never ending efforts of the fraudsters. Their collaborative approach to partnering with Bethpage and our combined laser focus on transaction monito ring has resulted in quite significant confirmed fraud saves and a higher level of member service."

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