Unique Aggregator Model

Unique Aggregator Model: The Quintessential Way of Fraud Prevention

Rising E-commerce and M-commerce transactions are providing expanded avenues for fraudsters and scammers to commit fraud and shrink the bottom line for online retailers and merchants. It has become an alarming situation for merchants as more recently fraud has emerged as the most common chargeback reason, which is about 50 % of the total chargebacks. The fraud loss rate for merchants is 0.7 bps in number and 2.6 bps in terms of value.

QPS’s unique aggregator model not only helps merchants in fraud prevention but also helps with effective chargeback control. It offers a myriad of benefits to help merchants and retailers deal with emerging challenges of data theft and scams. It is an integrated model for system authentications and verifications across following data references.

  • Email
  • BIN & IP Match
  • Billing Address
  • Shipping Address
  • Phone Intelligence
  • Advanced &  BIG Data Analytics
  • Social Media References

Intensive Verifications Through Batch Mode Processing

QPS analysts take real-time decisions to approve each transaction after intensive review on the basis of multiple checks and verifications through batch mode processing. QPS’s aggregator model has been meticulously designed to provide a one-stop solution for fraud prevention and reduced chargeback to the merchants.

Advanced & BIG Data analytics plays an important role in building a comprehensive identity verification system because it can confirm, in real time, the legitimacy of the transaction. Once complemented with additional verification measures through aggregator model, organizations are able to enjoy enhanced decision-making power.

QPS’s fraud prevention analysts available 24*7*365 are trained comprehensively to analyze a variety of data obtained from the above sources and take a logical decision. The human intervention layered with predictive analysis plays a decisive role in labeling a transaction as fraudulent or legitimate with high-level precision. The human intervention helps in bridging the gap created by machine intelligence for safeguarding merchants.

Unique Aggregator Model With Real Time Transaction Monitoring

QPS’s unique aggregator model is a highly efficient arrangement involving advanced machine intelligence and human eye review. It is the only e2e proactive chargeback management and CNP fraud prevention solution driven by real-time transaction monitoring.

Solution Providing 100% Anomaly Detection

It has been delicately designed to provide protection against rising CNP fraud chargeback. QPS’s unique aggregator model is based on following two principal fraud prevention strategies.

Real Time Transaction Monitoring

QPS brings together the power of technology and data to identify the real user behind every digital transaction and thus reduce fraud losses. Real time monitoring strategy acts as a super quick model under which our analysts provide resolution within 300 million seconds. We provide real-time decisioning on the basis of the following authentications.

  • Email Intelligence
  • Phone Intelligence
  • Billing Address Verification
  • Shipping Address Verification
  • IP Address Verification
  • Social Media Verification
  • Advanced & BIG Data Analytics

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An ultimate anti-fraud solution with open APIs, enabled by BIG Data analytics layered with machine and human intelligence.

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