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Quatrro Drives Same Day ACH Payments Faster Than Fraud

Why Financial Institutions Shouldn’t Ignore New Fraud Risks When It Comes To Payment Security?

NACHA report states that Same Day ACH (SDACH) has been responsible for over 13 million credit transactions amounting to $17 Billion in its phased approach, the pace of SDACH means that banks, credit unions and other financial institutions may encounter higher fraud cases, enhanced strain on their budgets and more operational challenges. New methods of faster funds availability such as same day ACH and same-day bill payments create more options for customers but they pose a severe threat for increased fraud risks too. Same Day ACH is turning trendy because of the single day settlement window but it imports high-intensity fraud threats.

Quatrro with its extensive and varied experience in cross-channel fraud detection offers highly focused, end-to-end (E2E) same day ACH fraud mitigation services, available 24*7*365 days. This is especially beneficial during weekends, holidays and spikes volume. Quatrro brings together an amalgamation of machine learning and human intervention to ensure that financial institutions don’t lose any time and money against the fraud.

It is no more helpful to just flag suspicious batches without any context under the assumption that fraud prevention analysts initiate the investigation. To eliminate the weaker element, Quatrro fraud prevention analysts have gone beyond the traditional methods to apply human intelligence and eliminate all payment fraud from the Same Day ACH transactions.

Quatrro’s Innovative Fraud Prevention Solution Helps Beat the Clock

Real Time Transaction Monitoring

Real-time monitoring is the most important enhancement in the system for same day ACH fraud detection. Quatrro fraud prevention analysts ensure that the legitimacy of the payments are verified in a real-time environment so that there remains enough time for the settlement process to help banks manage the ACH payments on the same business day.

Higher Accuracy with Managed False Positives

Quatrro ensures to invest the optimum number of resources, modern technologies and well-defined algorithms for verifying same day ACH batches and catching fraud promptly by minimizing incorrect declines.