Quatrro Processing Services announces partnership with Mastercard for Transaction Processing Services

Protect Your Customers with Fast Phone Intelligence Solutions

While a phone is a huge convenience today, it may also turn out to be a weapon for fraudsters in committing scams. Quatrro’s fraud protection solution incorporates phone authentication for fraud detection by using fraud analytics to verify customers and detect fraudsters quickly.

Fraud prevention analysts at Quatrro carry out a multi-level verification procedure for verifying customers’ identity to ascertain their authenticity before approving the transaction. The authentication solution by Quatrro for fraud prevention is strengthened by intelligence support by our technology partners and business associates.

Key Features:

  • Real-time phone verification without disrupting the customer journey
  • Comprehensive data sources from the US and globally
  • Highly efficient as a Part of Quatrro’s Model of Comprehensive Verification
  • Quickly identifies and stops fraudulent and malicious online activities

Quatrro phone authentication provides a comprehensive range of risk assessment indicators related to the number that is used to confirm user identity, provide real-time decision making and ensure that only authentic users are having access.