Quatrro Processing Services announces partnership with Mastercard for Transaction Processing Services

Email Authentication

As per the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) report cybercriminals had scammed $2.3 Billion from 17,642 victims across not less than 79 countries by using business email compromise (BEC) spanning from October 2013 to February 2016.

Email intelligence plays an important role in determining the financial fraud risk associated with an email address. Quatrro fraud prevention analysts utilize email intelligence as the combination of data from across the email ecosystem, analytics by making it accessible and manageable to derive an actionable insight.

Deeper Dive Into Email Address for Quick Fraud Detection

For our analysts, the email address of your customer is more than just a point of contact. The email address is a critical data source that is used in almost every single transaction taking place today. It remains a vital part of a variety of actions starting from account openings, online purchases to fraud. It is very important to keep track of the data deciphered by the email address to detect fraud.

The importance of artificial intelligence (AI) in combating fraud is no more a novice strategy. Its benefits have been proved and helping fraud analysts a lot in detecting and preventing fraud. The use of AI solutions has been instrumental in enhancing the security for a variety of businesses including financial and retail.

By tracing the steps of card usage and device or endpoint access, fraud prevention specialist have been effectively connecting points of compromise and thus help in combating scams. Quatrro analysts utilize AI to trace those malicious steps by analyzing the transactions and devices.