Quatrro Processing Services announces partnership with Mastercard for Transaction Processing Services

Strong Analytics And Human Intervention To Protect Your Credit Card Customers

As per 2016 Global Consumer Card Fraud report, 17% of credit card users have encountered fraud on more than one occasion during the past couple of years, as compared to 13% in 2014. About 77% of the credit card holders in the United Sates are still concerned about credit card fraud. New regulations such as EMV assure to make payments safer while industry analysts still predict that fraud will remain a problem for years to come. Are your customers protected?

Quatrro with its unique fraud prevention solution has helped several large and mid-sized financial institutions reduce fraud losses significantly and increase customer engagement. We have reviewed over 32 million transactions in the year 2015 alone that resulted in saving around $ 100 million in potential fraud losses for our clients across multiple asset sizes. Real-time transaction monitoring with 100% coverage provided by Quatrro fraud prevention analysts have helped financial institutions prevent credit card identity theft and restrict fraudsters.

Quatrro’s fraud detection rules are constantly reviewed and refreshed to provide an extremely accurate fraud solution for protecting your credit card customers. Round the clock support in 24*7*365 format inclusive of weekdays and holidays layered with flexi-staffing model provides you complete peace of mind against emerging fraud attacks and surge in transactions volume.