Quatrro Processing Services announces partnership with Mastercard for Transaction Processing Services

Chargeback Propensity Rate (CPR) for Efficient Fraud and Chargeback Prevention

Quatrro’s proactive chargeback prevention through “CPR,” eliminates the dimension of fraud threatening businesses. For generating CPR, a rate is assigned to each work order in conjunction with the system and human intelligence.

CPR is made up of BIG Data analytics and merchant trend analysis that act as the key ingredients.

The trend analysis and future scenarios provide a basis for sound decisioning with the support of human intelligence and advanced data analytics.

BIG Data Analysis:

Utilizing state of the art analysis of BIG Data, Quatrro efficiently prevents chargebacks and enhance the order acceptance for merchants across industries.

E2E Chargeback Management

Score/Rate for each work order that is created in conjunction with the system and human intelligence is categorized as High, Medium & Low.