Quatrro Processing Services announces partnership with Mastercard for Transaction Processing Services

A Competitive Differentiator Bringing Precision with Contact Data Validation

Address verification service (AVS) is a highly effective approach helping merchants in reducing the risk of chargebacks. AVS is an integral component of Quatrro’s fraud prevention solution designed to shrink the number of unauthorized transactions.

Chargeback specialists at Quatrro use modern means to ascertain that the cardholder making the transaction is a genuine person and thus brings down the risk of fraud and chargeback. In the process of verification, we compare the billing address mentioned for card-not-present transactions during the checkout process to the one that was registered with the issuing bank.

Quatrro utilizes address verification service along with other verifications like phone, IP, location, etc. in a bid to block unauthorized transactions completely and reducing chargebacks by a significant quotient. Quatrro aims at reducing fraud by fully integrating the fraud detection platform with billing address verification tool thus for reducing friction and turn the customer experience smooth.